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According to the Pauran, Ganga was a goddess residing in Heaven, who came down to Earth in the form of river to provide the salvation to the seven generations of ancestors of King Bhagirath(ancestors of Lord Rama). Not only did Ganga come to save King Bhagirath’s ancestors, but she also was sent to Earth as a means of purification for the entire population of human beings.

Namami Gange Tav paad pankajam Sura Surai Vandita Divya Rupam
Bhuktim chha Muktim dadasi Nityam, Bhavanusaren sada Naranam

Gangadwar sam Tirtham na Kailashe samo Giri
Vasudev samo Devo na Ganga Sadrisham Param

- Jai Maa Ganga

Haridwar, the sacred pilgrimage of holy river Maa Ganga, has its religious importance from the ancient time. Haridwar, which is famous by its ancient name “Mayapuri or Gangadwar” is a great pilgrimage of “Kaliyug” and is the main centre of the faith and reverence. Pilgrims travel from all over subcontinent to bathe in her water as an act of worship and in the hopes of obtaining her blessing and realizing salvation. Kumbh fair is organized after every 12 years, in this fair million of people with saints take bathe in holy Ganga and perform many kind of worship such as Shrimad Bhagwat, Ramayana, Homes, and give Donations to Brahmins, Sadhus and poor’s. All these continue in ordinary days also.

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Pandit Vipul Kumar Sharma

We Parmanand Tarachand are a well known name of Tirth Purohit in Haridwar by the ancient time. Devoted pilgrims have been coming here for many years.

Pandit Ramesh Kumar Sharma

We manage the religious deeds for the coming pilgrims. And to try provide them each and every facility. The devotees who come to ...

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